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Both Teal and Coral studios are at 931 Center St. West, Kimberly.

Classes may be canceled if less than four dancers are registered.

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Creative dance teaches principles of dance such as time, space, and energy, using engaging dance games and activities. The overall emphasis is on having fun while learning coordination, balance and rhythm, musical counting, self-confidence, muscle isolation and development, taking turns and following directions. Ballet terminology and movements will also be incorporated.


Ballet technique is essential for the development of a strong and versatile dancer. Our classes are focused on developing a solid classical ballet technique with emphasis on understanding correct body placement, proper use of turn out, coordination of the upper body, and use of arms. Students advance in levels based on skills and technique as determined by the instructor.


Modern dance focuses on the study of dance principles such as time, space and energy. Dancers will learn the basic principles of dance improvisation and choreography. This class incorporates elements from many styles of dance enabling the dancers to experience a variety of movement and technique. Students advance in levels based on skills and technique as determined by the instructor.


Hip hop classes are energetic, upbeat, dynamic, and technical.  Students will be encouraged to find their own style and dance creatively. Dancers will have a combination of both the personality, face animation, and expressions to the movement through as well as work on leaps, turns, and combinations with proper alignment and technique from Jazz. Students advance in levels based on skills and technique as determined by the instructor.


Tumbling classes will teach students, through repetition, how to safely and effectively execute skills with strength, power, agility, and control. Students will learn body awareness and how to correctly fall out of a skill without injury.  Classes focus on a wide variety of skills including forward rolls, handstands, back and front walkovers, aerials, front and back handsprings, jumps, and leg holds.  Tumbling classes provide important supplemental training for dance students but are open and accessible to non-dancers as well.


Focused in strengthening and stretching different parts of the body to develop the dancer's physical endurance, strength, flexibility, and coordination. 


Our competition teams start at 3rd grade but our pre-company classes can help them get a taste of it. This class will include jazz progression techniques and choreography that they will be able to compete at one local competition. 


Company classes are by audition only. Students in Company dedicate more time in the studio with required classes and practices as well as extra fees for costumes, travels, and such for competitions and community performances.


Adults can dance too! Different genres every month for adults who want to meet new people, learn a few moves, and have lots of fun! No experience necessary and children are welcome to hang out in the studio and cheer on their adults.

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